Cinjoco of South Dakota

South Dakota!

South Dakota! (Photo credit: Lincoln Adams)

Growing up in South Dakota was the best time. My childhood thought fences were for jumping over, grassy lawns were for barefoot running, and gravel roads were where you and your friends gathered under the street light after dark. The cool crispness of summer evenings after a long hot spell were exhilarating. Splashing through warm mud puddles after a summer rain, mud squashing through the toes. How wonderful!

Those years are long gone. The memories though are still fresh. My feet still feel the coolness of the grass,even though it maybe sweltering outside. My nose smells that freshness after the rain, on the hottest sultry days. My toes can still feel the mud squashing through, even on those  hot dry days.

After fifty-two years I still love South Dakota. Winters are harsh at times, but that only makes the spring, and summer all that much more wonderful. The children are all rasing families of their own. Some far and some near. We enjoy every chance we get to be together. My husband and I raise rabbits for many different reasons. We enjoy it very much.

Author: Cindy Collins


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